Attacked by a Bohrok Kal

We evetually got the Boxor up onto the plateau. We Matorans thought it would be best to leave it behind but the Toa Maiden insisted that we bring it along. The Monochrome and the tame Bohrok, Bobo, decided to come along with us. They had been living in the temple in exile from the Monochromes village. They had little confidence in his ability to control his powerful servant. Near the far edge of the plateau we came across another Bohrok. It was clearly different from the usual type so we were cautious. Luckily, it was asleep. Bohrok never attack unless you are int he way of its purpose and the purpose of this one was to nap, apparently. Even so, we gave it as wide a berth as we could on the narrow pass. None of us had seen one like it. The carapace was opaque so we couldn't tell if it was infected with a Krana. Peaceful enough. It awoke very suddenly. Whatever tools it brandished, they looked deadly. In a trice it was on it's feet. We all stood perfectly still. <font color=silver>I'll deal with it. You stay back.</font> said the Toa Maiden. It didn't matter. Impossibly fast even for a Bohrok, the thing was upon us. None of us remember exactly what happened next. There was a flash of light and a terrible noise. Whatever the attack was, it was directed at the Toa Maiden only. But the blowback scattered us all. I was thrown right onto my back by the force of it. Even the Boxor was toppled. I don't know how she survived ... ... but she did.
<font color=silver >Where is it?</font> she asked.
I looked around. It's vanished. <font color=red>Are you all right?</font> <font color=silver>I think it broke a tooth!</font> <font color=silver>And this one is loose. Ow!</font> <font color=silver>Two broken teeth!</font> <font color=silver>Without those teeth, I can't use a mask. I'm sorry  everyone.</font> We put the Boxor back on it's feet - for all the good it had done. I'm glad I wasn't behind it when it fell.