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This is the Footprint of Makuta, a relic of a battle between the Toa and that Hideous Unmaker, Makuta. The silver Kanohi ranged around its signal points probably serve to restrain some latent evil. To our regret we did not realize this when we came upon it.
The Toa Maiden, anxious to recover some abilities after her encounter with the Bohrok thought that one of the Kanohi might serve her. The result of that rash action is documented here.
I beg your patience if the record is fractured or even seeming to lack sense. Dealing with the mystical is far out of my realm as a scientist --  I present what evidence I have.

The Toa Maiden who was closest to the artifact suffered almost complete dissolution.

Nokama, who was not present with our group when we arrived, was not spared either. Several others suddenly materialized during the maelstrom that enveloped the entire area.

The presence of Tahu and the Exoskeleton may be explained later, but even he was knocked senseless by the interaction of the Footprint of Makuta and the Mask of Time. Am I telling the tale out of order? You'll have to excuse me - it was very confusing and I'm still dazed.

Bafflingly, the unnamed Matoran found himself duplicated at least twice. We know at least twice, but one of them seems to have disappeared.

The Monochrome Matoran had been keeping close by the Toa Maiden. That may have been a mistake.

No one nearby failed to feel the effects of the fearsome conflagration.

The Boxor's left side was sheared clean off by a stray ray of destructive power. It had been just behind the Toa Maiden.

Parts were everywhere.

These two terrifyng creatures materialized during the cataclysm. The blast apparently stunned them - they didn't move at all, although they were only slightly damaged. Their puny arms had been torn away, but that was all.
I have learned since that these are the Bahrag twins, great powers that lie beneath the island in subterranean slumber, awaked by the struggles of the Toa and the Bohrok. Their purposes and their fate are not known to me.

The Bahrag materialized very near a precipice.

It may not have been the infected Kanohi (the inner circle of identical masks) that caused all the harm; we may have felt the effects of the silver Kanohi aligning themselves after being disturbed by the Toa Maiden. I myself had tried to move one and found it completely immobile. How is that she was able to disrupt it so completely?

One of the paths of destruction can be discerned in the blasted remains of the Toa Maiden and the Boxor Vehicle. The Mask of Time can just be seen embedded deep in the works of the Boxor.

A reverse angle of the Toa Maiden.

Bobo was completely unhurt, but badly frightened.
Visible here are the strange lights that surrounded us. Somewhat like the the borealises but much brighter and closer-seeming.
I can be seen lying on the ground to the left of Bobo.

My unnamed comrade, utterly undone. Horrible.

The Red Matoran similarly disassembled. This all happened in the blink of an eye.

One of the clones, merely unmasked and thrown to the ground. He and I will soon have a lot of work assisting our comrades.

The other clone. He appeared quite far from the epicenter.

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