Expedition Discovers Monument - Page #1

A wide shot of the group as they make their way through some high grass

From a slightly higher vantage

The Tarakave generally brings up the rear.

The low slung Nui Jaga are almost invisible except for their powerful tails.

Pattonua leads the way.

The column marches along a cliff

The uneven ground makes for treacherous footing

The view from the rear of the column

A view of the cliff

The expedition comes discovers an ancient monument.

It is apparently dedicated to the Nui Rama

Some of the group interpret it as a warning

At present, there are no Nui Rama to be seen.

Or heard. Nui Rama swarms can be heard for miles

One member of the expedition sports about on the artifact.

Pattonua takes no particular notice

The animals are skittish and won't come near the monument

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