Toa Maiden Defeated! - Page #1

The Toa Maiden had Vorahk at a disadvantage. Startled by her unexpected strength, Vorakh now found himself heaved into the air. Even a surprised Rahkshi is the most formidable of foes. He had grasped her staff even before she was able to finish the maneuver. The sudden shift of weight threw her off balance and she fell to her knees.

A quick kick with his powerful legs and Vorahk was nearly free. The Toa Maiden was struck by her own staff as Vorahk threw it from foot to foot.

With one end of his sundered staff, he stole away her staff ...

... and snapped it in two.

The Toa Maiden struck back, driving the broken end of the staff into Vorahk's leg. He bellowed in shock and anger. The pain he diregrded, but the indignity of being attacked!

He threw herdown with great force, stunning her.

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