The manticore from a safe distance

Closer, but it seems uninterested in its observer.

MacNichols thought it would be clever to launch a kite with a camera attached. Although mechanically well-executed, the maneuver apparently enraged the subject.  MacNichols was a fine technician.

We believed at this point that an attempt to flee would be dangerous and cowardly.

Here's a low angle shot. Probably taken when I tripped over MacNichols.

The dirt-kicking was similar to behavior observed in large mammals. It was at this point that I tried to run away.

I believe that you can actually see the photographer's reflection in the striker. Local authorities found me later but did not believe my story about a monster with a leopard's head, a bull's body and a scorpion's tail. They shipped the camera with the undeveloped film to my home while I was still recovering.


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