Adventures without the Toa Maiden

After the Toa Maiden was captured by the Rahkshi, we wandered without guidance. We met many strange beings and had adventures.

We took this yellow being for a Turaga at first. It didn't take us long to learn differently. We learned manu new words from this fellow, who threatened us with his canes. We never found out why he was so angry.

He said something about

We left him as we found him - alone in his hut of logs.

This old woman surprised us on the road. She was very interested in our names and wanted to know if we needed any help. We asked if she knew the way back to our koros, but she said she couldn't remember.

She seemed familiar, but I couldn't place her. She though that our destiny might be past the piles of stones.

There were some beautiful things to see along the way.

The piles of stones. They looked unsteady, but they did not fall as we passed.

We didn't loiter around them very long.

Rahi were a frequent problem in those wild places. Sadly, one of the pilot's clones was snatched away by this especially fearsome beast.

We scattered and never found out what happened to him.

He was a good team mate and a fine technician.

In spite of the danger we managed to have some fun. Here we are clowning around.

We made the flowers laugh, which is why they are glowing. The bright light may have kept the monsters away as we were never troubled by them while the flowers were laughing.

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