In the upright mode

The head. I am not sure how I feel about the orange muttonchops.

In the dog-ape mode.

At its ease. I guess.

A new leg piece. Strong calves.

New torso. Note integrated socket.

Slightly different angle.

From the rear quarter. Very gorilla-like.

Threatening the camera.

The two modes side-by-side. Note caliper weapons on the right-hand side figure. Odd.

The Vahki in a dust-up with the Toa Maiden. One has its calipers on her, but she has landed a clean backhand to the Vahki on the right.

The Toa Maiden is light on her feet. The blue Vahki is in some danger of falling over the edge.

Two against one. It hardly seems fair.

What's this? Non-lethal force?

They don't like it.

They are overwhelmed.

They have dropped their weapons and have started to dance.

A very, very silly dance.


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