The Toa Maiden Is Betrayed - Page #3

They were as polite as Scout.
"Please surrender."
"Yes, surrender."
The Toa Maiden tried to scuttle away backwards but she was trapped. "Get away!" she cried and parried a spear aside. Implacable and merciless, they knocked her out. She struggled as they brought her to Scout. They were polite, but they were not gentle. "Again, I bow to the superior fighter. You almost had me," said Scout.
The Toa Maiden's face was pressed into the dirt. She managed to spit out, "I would have thought your boys would be harder to kill." "Alas," said Scout, "you are all too correct. They didn't realize, as I do, that you are a great natural killer. And so they were not cautious. A mistake they will not repeat when I repair them." "Now we must proceed. Get her ready for transport." "What makes you think I won't use my natural gift on you as soon as I have the chance?" "I know you will. I'm counting on it."
They trussed her on the spears of their fallen comrades. Scout talked to her as they walked along. "I don't want you to be uncomfortable. Drink this down and you'll have a nice sleep." "Even tied up like this, I don't think for a moment that we are safe from you. I respect your abilities too much to leave you awake and alert." "I won't cooperate," she said. Scout seemed a little sad. "I know," he replied.
He tipped her head back and poured something cold and heavy down her throat. "There's a good girl." The Toa Maiden lost consciousness. "I won't go with ... " Sleep was coming over her quickly ".. you." The drones marched on, obedient to Scout. Where were they taking her?

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