The Toa Maiden Disappears from Captivity. - Page #1

Scout's party camped in a sheltered spot in the mountains. The myrmidons suspended her in a frame.
"Excuse the inconvenience," Scout said, "but we won't take any chances with you." One of the myrmidons spoke up. "It seems terrible hard cruel to hang her upside down."
Scout was firm. "You saw what she did when we had the jump on her. Now we have no advantage of surprise. Don't be fooled by her lack of struggle." "Nary a squeak out of her the whole way here. T'ain't natural," said another. "Even with us watching her every minute with her all chained up, I feel like I am being chased over rock and stream, instead of the other way around." Scout reassured his men. "You are the best trained team of recruiters the arena has. We had a spot of bad luck with her, that's true, but she's just one little, half-formed Toa. She's a prize for the arena, sure, sure, but she can't escape us." He yawned. "It's past time for us to be asleep, men." The Toa Maiden did not sleep. "Her Trainer will be here soon enough." "So you let Scout do all your worrying for you." One after another, the soldiers fell asleep. Only a little assured, they all fell asleep. Even wary Scout let sleep overtake him. In the morning, a terrible apparition: the heart-gears of some poor being. "Horrible! Horrible!" "Be grateful they're not yours." "What do you think, Scout?"

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