LEGO Life of Pi playset

The only bit of accuracy in the boat model is that the locker door does indeed open in the manner described in the book. I really was unable to picture the physical relationships except in the most perfunctory way. If the author says a canvas tarp is enough to hide a tiger, well OK, then.
The dark object at the bottom represents the little raft.

It's like the cover of the book! No turtles. Just sharks, sawbills and mantas.

Pi. The featureless head is what one finds under Storm Trooper minifig helmets. Rather alarming that, at first. The other brown parts are from a Chewbacca minifig. The white loincloth is standard minifig issue. Hair by Potter of Privet Lane

Richard Parker's fearsome visage.

Pi with a life vest. Lookit! Circles! Thanks to WT for pointing out that <i>The Life of Pi</i> has more pi in it than I realized.

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