The Toa Maiden Is Betrayed - Page #1

The villagers suddenly transformed into Toa-like fighters.
"What's this?!" she demanded. Scout replied, "No peaceful villagers here. My drones mean to take you prisoner." "Why the play-acting? What's the point?" "It was a test. I seek out and enslave the very best warriors wherever I go. You have promise." Scout was now behind a wall of spears and shields. "I knew it as soon as we wrestled that you could become a great fighter." "Promise. Fight for what?"
"To be a great gladiator. I say you are made for the arena!" "This is the last test! If you can reach me, then you will decide what happens next!" "I was not made to be anyone's slave, trickster." She hefted her spear  to throw. Too far for a sure hit, she spotted a drone not paying perfect attention. She threw!
The spear roared in flight, almost too fast to see. Scout noticed too late that one of his bodyguards was already destroyed.
She readied a throwing knife. It lodged in a shield. Another knife before the drone could react.

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